28 Oct
  • By CRDI

Authentic Report of Genocide

Burmese military started a brutal campaign since 25th August, 2017 completing their genocidal operation on “Rohingyas” a nation, whom existed in Arakan (Rakhine) even before Burma (Myanmar) existed. Their aim of completion of the “Rohingya genocide” have reached its peak and Arakan have see a Military – made catastrophe since then. On the first day itself, brutal regime blazed and destroyed more than 25 villages near to their camps and posts. In the first week of operation in Rathedaung Township was completely evacuated by mass killing, arrest, rape and threats, where till today only 2 Rohingya village exist. They conducted a mass illegal arrest and killing operations where more than 200 were killed on the first attempt along with 500 of Rohingya arrestees. Till today Burmese regime continued their brutal clearance operation in Northern Arakan State after blazing more than 250 villages, killing up to 3000 of innocent Rohingas and raping more than 200 Rohingya women including minor girls and forced 500,000 people to leave towards Bangladesh, according to our archives till 25th September, 2017.

The catastrophe continued in October as well, where death toll increased along with types of death. Since the beginning of October till today, 115 Rohingya drowned and died while attempting to flee the ongoing horrific abuses. Most of the drowned victim were women and children, who lost their male members in the mass killings conducted by the Burmese Authorities and extremists Rakhines (Moghs). Beside the death on the sea, more than 1000 are confirmed to be dead on the journey towards Bangladesh in the trapped situation in Border areas with hunger, thirst and diseases. The death accountability increased when military operation reached the areas where Rohingyas were lingering in trapped situations for crossing over. There they carried inhumane abuses and tortures on fleeing Rohingya and resulted to give birth to many mass graves, which were later decomposed by them to hide their open genocidal activities. Counting of mass graves reached up to 50 location in all three townships: Maungdaw, Buthidaung and Rathedaung.

Parallel to Rohingyas death looting, destruction, abuse, tortures, shooting, arresting, demolishing religious and historical structures, rape and black listing Rohingyas houses expanding the death toll up to 50000, which were verified  and archived accordingly. Their forceful activities made the Rohingyas intolerant to the situation, when authorities started distributing National verification card (NVC) at gunpoint, confined from harvesting own crops and restricted from owning their own properties above 40000 kyats. These forceful activities enlarged the no.of displacement among the Rohingyas conforming more than 800, 000 people reaching in the makeshift camps of Bangladesh. October 16th marked a milestone in the history of Rohingyas forced to leave Arakan (Rakhine), where thousands of Rohingyas were seen in never ending queue starting from the border area of Maungadw till the shores of Naff River. In response to such human made catastrophe and ongoing exodus, UN urged for an emergency fund raising meeting in Geneva to tackle with the ongoing exodus, that might reach up to 1 million within the weeks to come.

Below gives some hard evidences, detailing the intensities of the Genocidal activities carried by the Burmese Authorities:

  1. At around 1:00 am on 25 August 2017, the newly deployed military have attacked over 25 villages in Maungdaw, Buthidaung and Rathedaung, compelling the ARSA to confront and defend its fellow civilians. Among the victim villages are Nett chaung, Tammen Tha, Kunsibing, Nentha Taung, Mi Thaik, Kyi Kyun, Zee Bin Chaung, Laung Done, Thi Hun Gyun, Zin Pin Nya, Thre Kung Baung, Pa Nyaung Pin Gyi, Shwe Yin Aye, Myint Lyut, Alel Than Kyaw, Oo Daung, Thin Bo Kwet, Chin Ka Li, Ko Dan Kauk, Thawen Chaung, Taung Bazar, Paungdaw Pyin, Maungdaw Natala, and others.
  2. In NaraingChaung, Buthiidaung, Military arrested more than 200 civilians, & on their way towards more Rohingya villages they started to torture pedestrian Rohingyas inhumanely, when other local came to save the injured Rohingya they started to fire on civilians and injured injuring 3 Rohingya critically. In Taungbazar, there are reports of slaughtering as well on 25th August, 2017.
  3. At 10 AM on 25th August, 2017 military started to fire launcher on Rohingya houses in Satkainnafara, Maungdaw, killing 40 innocent Rohingya & injured many others.
  4. At 12 PM on 25th August, 2017 BGPs started to arrest Rohingya families in Kuansibong, Maungdaw, where more than 20 families have been arrested including women and children.
  5. At 1:00 PM on 25th August, 2017 Military placed mines bomb on the highways and hilly areas in Rohinvgya villages, which exploded in kuansibong, Maungdaw killing 4 Innocent Rohingya, injured a few critically
  6. In Naraing Caung, Buthidaung on 25th August 2017, more than 10 killed and approximately 50 injured by military.
  7. More than 20 injured by military on 25th August, 2017 Satkainnafara, Maungdaw Township
  8. More than 10 died in mine explosion and 20 families arrested on 25th August, 2017 Kuansibong,Maungdaw.
  9. Approximately 12 killed by military on 25th August, 2017 in Shilhali, Maungdaw
  10. Uncountable Rohingyas were tortured inhumanely leaving more than 20 critically injured on 25th August by military in Raimmorrong, Buthidaung Township.
  11. In Dumbai, Maungdaw Military placed anti-personnel mines and shooting killed 50 people including women and children and injured more than 30 Rohingyas, where as in Kyi Kan Pyin around 11 civilians came under attack by military on 26th
  12. In the southern Maungdaw’s Myint Hlut around 200 homes were burnt down by armed authorities in collaboration with Rakhine extremists especially from the NaTaLa resettlement on 26th
  13. Shilkhali (Chain Khali) the village is burnt down to the ground and around 500 civilians were under severe attack where a few of managed to escape. In the IDP around 200 homes are destroyed to ground. All the peoples have resorted to nearby mountains and hilly areas on 26th August, 2017.
  14. In Zay Di Pyin of Rathedaung a dozen of people were killed. The historical village of Zay Di Pyin is burnt down on 26th August 2017 by military.
  15. In the Taungbazar, Buthidaung region there are reports of slaughtering and shooting on around 100 Rohingyas by security forces on 26th August, 2017.
  16. Around 10,000 people are displaced throughout the Northern Arakan. Thousands others are force to flee to Bangladesh where Bangladesh authorities have restricted the border. The escapees are generally women, children and elderlies on 26th August, 2017.
  17. At 5:00 PM on 27th August, 2017 Saimmonnafara, Doinfara, & Furanfara villages of Haidafara, Maungdaw were torched by the military & have been turned down to ashes.
  18. At 5:00 PM on 27th August Kansama, Manufara, in Taungbazar of Buthidaung women and children are being slaughtered mercilessly by the Military along with newly influxed Bengali Moghs and, the incident was eye witnessed by a 10 years old boy, who managed to escape the slaughtering.
  19. On 26th August, 2017 Military have burned down the entire village of Haindafara where Rohingyas are starving for 3 days in the outskirts, hilly areas & needed of immediate medical and humanitarian assistance.
  20. Villages in Fuktufarang, Kyangdaung, Tangana, NaraingChaung, in Buthidaung Township have been burned down completely, resulting in the displacement of thousands of villagers on 27th August, 2017.
  21. At 2:00 PM on 28th August, 2017 Entire village of Firhali, Buthidaung have been burned down by Military since 9:00 AM. Torching started immediately after helicopter left the region.
  22. 1:00 PM on 28th August, 2017 Ludaing village, Maungdaw is being torched by the Military Displacing Rohingya villagers all over the region.
  23. Heavy and a large no. of Military helicopters were seen in the sky of Maungdaw, where many villages were torched by using launchers & mortars on 28th August, 2017.
  24. At 8:00 AM on 28th august, 2017 In Koe Tan Kauk IDP (internally Displaces peoples) camp in Rathedaung is been burned down by Military along with newly influxed Bengali Moghs, where a massive gun fire took place.
  25. At 8:00 PM on 28th August, 2017 Military along with newly arrived Moghs set fire in Dumbai village, Maungdaw, burning more than 300 houses & left all villagers homeless.
  26. At 3:00 PM on 28th August, 2017 In Satkainnafara, Maungdaw Military attacked with launchers, killing 15 & injured other 28.
  27. At 3:00 PM on 28th August, 2017 in Filhali Village in Tangana of Buthidaung, which was torched by Military using explosive launchers.
  28. Saurfordilbil, Zammoinna, Naribil, Hawarbil, Horotolibil, Londonghali, Tingisaura, Fawhali, Maungnama, Furma and many other unreported villages have been evacuated entirely because of the usage of heavy weapons by the brutal forces, displacing more than 50,000 all over the region of Maungdaw, Buthidaung and Rathedaung on 28th August, 2017.
  29. At 5:00 PM on 29th August, 2017 Military have besieged Ludaing of Maungdaw, where they placed mine bombs in various locations & forced Rohingya to evacuate the village. And now villagers are taking shelters in nearby Chingirifara of Maungdaw. On the way to Chingirifara 2 pregnant ladies gave birth and civilians are suffering heavily in this human made catastrophe.
  30. At 04:22 PM on 29th August, 2017 Moghs along with Military started to burn down Garitibil of Maungdaw, where Razarbil, Shabbazar & 5 other villages were torched too since 2 PM.
  31. At 04:00 PM on 29h August, 2017 Military fired launchers on quarter 2 of Taungbazar,Buthidaung, burning down completely and evacuated Rohingyas from quarter 9 and torched 50 houses.
  32. At 12:00 PM on 29th August, 2017 Moghs started burning village of Chaircumboo, Godusara of Maungdaw, with Military security, where Rohingyas ran for life and are under massive fire. Almost 1500 houses have been burned down to ashes.
  33. At 10:00 AM on 29th August, 2017 Shabbazar of Maungdaw is being also torched since early morning and is still under massive fire. In the region Military is seen to be using heavy weapons like launchers, mortars and machine guns on innocent civilians.
  34. At 9:45 AM on 29th August, 2017 Dualdoli village of Maungdaw is been under fire by the Military burning many uncountable houses.
  35. Since early morning on 30th August, 2017 at 5:00 AM in Dargwafara, Hawarbill, Rabailla, Renuaza, Boordargarkul villages of Northern Maungdaw have been burned down entirely leaving villagers displaced all over the region.
  36. At 9:00 AM on 30th September, 2017 Military started burning Zadifara hamlet of Hatifara, Maungdaw where 4-5 houses were burnt. And according to the locals the massive fire burnt the entire village.
  37. At 10:00 on 30th August Dewanali of Garitibil, Maungdaw was also burnt, where military along with newly in-fluxed Bengali Moghs & Murung set fire. There, they were provided security in torching by the brutal Burmese forces. At the same time, Townrowa village of Maungnama, Maungdaw was torched along with Moghs.
  38. At 12:00 PM on 30th August, 2017 military called Rohingyas in a meeting in Buthidaung, where more than 80 Rohingyas have been arrested by deceiving.
  39. At 3:00 PM on 30th August military helicopters were seen roaming in the sky of Shabbazar, Maungdaw and later it landed in there. After landing Military conducted some suspicious discussions within themselves.
  40. At 5:30 PM on 30th August another military helicopter was seen on the sky of Maungdaw. According to locals, that helicopter seem to be a different one from usual military helicopters and Rohingyas are in fear of further conspiracy and persecution.
  41. On 4th September since early morning Military started to torch the remaining houses of Hasarbil, Sammboinna, Wacshha, Fawhali, Saindafara, & Zammoinna villages of Maungdaw.
  42. According to updates received on 4th September, in Rathedaung 18 villages, near the Mayu River have been completely torched to ashes since 25th August, 2017. Displaced villagers are still hiding in the jungles and hilly areas in extreme inhumane condition.
  43. On 4th September villagers from kiyangdong have taken shelter in nearby village of Firingdong, whose houses were torched earlier by the Military and Moghs. In Cuapprang, Maungdaw more than 300 house along with religious school and Mosque have been burnt to ashes, where 152 innocent Rohingyas lost their lives and 95 were critically injured.
  44. On 4th September in Buthidaung, 3 more villages have been effected. One of them is Sandifrang village, where whole market and 60 houses were burnt completely. Secondly in Gudamfara more than 300 houses were burnt down and in Dummafara 13 homes were burnt as well.
  45. On 4th September, in northern side of Buthidaung, Mokbil, Hán Samma, Monu Fara, Pong daw Prang, Noiya Fara, Mazir Fara, bogoli cong, mingizi, firhali, sangana, tongbazar, rammya fara, guna fara, cang tong, taami, padaka oukzu villages have been torched, burning down more than 100s of houses in each villages. Displaced villagers of these villages are living in humane condition in the area of Tami, with the hope of crossing over to Bangladesh. They are in extremely trapped situation now as they cannot either cross over to Bangladesh or get back to their villagers, because of the military and newly in fluxed Moghs.
  46. On 5th Sept, 2017 at 10 AM Military started placing mine bomb in the area of Tongburu & Dhaibonna since last 2 days, where a Rohingya woman and man is critically injured and lost their legs in this military made incidence. More Rohingyas are expected to be killed or injured by those mines according to villagers who witnessed the placing of explosives by the military.
  47. On 5th September, 2017 at 5 AM Military started to blaze Goinnafara of Sheweza, Maungdaw Township, which was untouched by the military since 25th August. Massive fire have burnt more than 27 houses, including a Religious school.
  48. On 4th Sept, 2017 at 6 PM Burmese forces started to blaze a village in Kilaidong, Maungdaw. On the same day at 5 PM they started to torch Rohingya’s houses in Sorfordilbil, after entirely blazing the Naribil village of Maungdaw.
  49. On 7th August 2017 at 11 AM Military started to torch down the remaining houses in Godusara village of Maungdaw, displacing the only remaining Rohingyas in the region. At the same time they also threatened the villagers of Kuwaindong village, of Buthidaung Township, where the remaining villagers are in extreme fear of their lives, houses and properties.
  50. On 6th August, 2017 2 more Rohingya children were injured by mine bomb placed by military earlier. In the incidence one of the boy lost his leg and both are in critical condition. Victims are identified to be Sons of Shobiron in Chammahadha village.
  51. On 6th September, 2017 military burnt down the remaining houses at Kuansibong and Addailla village of Maungdaw, where entire village were burning heavily destructing all the properties along with the houses.
  52. On 6th September, 2017 Military started to fire Rohingyas in the border area while crossing, where many innocent Rohingyas were killed and critically injured many others. At Afternoon at 3 PM Military started to burn down Naisadong village, Maungdaw.
  53. On 11th Sept, 2017 at 12 pm Military ordered the villagers of Saufarang to evacuate the entire village. Military threatened that if they see any Rohingya left in the village after 1 pm, their migh be unknown. And after such terrific statement Rohingyas started to evacuate the village and were in extreme vulnerable situations.
  54. On 10th September, 2017 Military besieged the villages of Saufarang, Shabbazar and Seofarang in Buthidaung, where villagers were restricted even to move in out of their houses, leaving them in extreme panic. Following the incidence many were trying to flee the situation, where they were caught and looted by the military personnel.
  55. On 10th September in Balukhali village of Buthidaung, Military started to shoot on the innocent civilians leaving them critically injured and killed many. Where a victim corpse was still heard to be in the paddy field, on the place where he was shot to death.
  56. On 10th September 2017, from Saufarang, Buthidaung Military arrested 8 innocent Rohingyas and are still in incommunicado. On the same evening military burnt down the entire village of Raimmurbill in Maungdaw, leaving villagers in extremely terrified situation.
  57. On 13th September 2017 in the Naf river, a boat carrying more than 50 Rohingya was chased by a boat of robbers, where the boat carrying Rohingya drowned, killing 39 Rohingya women and children. Later 11 Rohingya were rescued and along with 6 corpses. Among the 39 Rohingya, other dead bodies of 33 are still missing.
  58. On 22nd September Immediately after the departure of general Mying Aung Laing from Arakan (Rakhine) Moghs started to burn down Rohingya’s houses in quarter 5 of Maungdaw at 07:00 pm under military security.
  59. A joint group of BGP and Military arrived in the village of Kyi Nauk thi, on 23rd September where they split into 3 groups to blaze Rohingya’s house in all there direction at 1:30 PM. They burned all villages near the police posts of Kyi Nauk thi of Narainchaung village track, Buthidaung Township.
  60. Further atrocities were also reported from Buthidaung on 23rd September,2017, where Moghs from the village of Aung Zeya (Rakhine Village) started to loot Rohingya’s properties from the nearby Rohingya villages. These unlawful activities was noted since last 5 days, where they stop Rohingya villagers along the way to Buthidaung market in 2 check post by threatening and accusing them illogically.
  61. In the morning on 30th September, 2017 military torched the remaining houses in Shihali (chinkali) village and lately at 6:30 pm, quarter 5 of Maungdaw was also burned heavily.
  62. On 30th September Rohingyas in Buthidaung Township were under massive threat, there Security forces and Moghs (Rakhines) are threatening the Rohingya villagers after evacuating Maungdaw and Rathedaung.
  63. Villagers of Kaaprudaung, Buthidaung are taking shelter in Zammoinna village of Maungdaw on 30th September, whom were forced to evacuate their village by the Military treats and gunfire.
  64. Dozens of Rohingyas lost their lives in the deadly sea journey from Akyab (Sittwe) to Bangladesh, fleeing the horrific lives of concentration camps on 29th September 2017. In the incidence more than 25 are confirmed to be dead and more 40 are still missing and presumed to be drowned.
  65. Another mass grave of 40 Rohingyas was discovered in the area of Buthidaung Township on 30th September 2017. The mass grave was found near the hilly areas of village known as Gudamfara of Buthidaung Township. The 40 corpses were dumped in the same pit by the brutal Burmese regime, whom were thought to be missing like other 1000s of Rohingya in the ongoing haphazard movement, where Rohingyas are running for saving their lives.
  66. On 28th September the BGP head of Kyaung Taung BGP camp visited some remaining families in the village while patrolling the village they scolded and insulted some people and vandalized some homes. One of the victim was Shaker, son of Mya Husain from from Sar Kaing village whose home properties were destroyed by the BGPs.
  67. On 30th September BGPs and military jointly raided the home of Shaker from Sar Kaing village again, where most of villagers have started their perilous journey to Bangladesh escaping these atrocities.
  68. Burmese security forces torched the remaining house in the MarechaBill, NakyingDaung and AullengPying villages of Buthidaung and forced more than a 1000 of Rohingyas from other villages from Southern Buthidaung to flee due to the mounting starvation level for continues Military operations in the region on 2nd October 2017.
  69. On 2nd October 2017, at around 4:30 AM in an elephant attack incidence 1 Rohingya baby died and 2 got severely injured in Balukhali new makeshift camp of Cox’sBazar. According to international agencies more than 500,000 Rohingyas have reached Bangladesh and are lingering with all basic humanitarian needs.
  70. Burmese regime along with extremist Mogh blazed Rohingya’s houses in Magalar village of ward 3, Maungdaw forcing the remaining Rohingyas to leave their ancestral land on 5th October. The incidence took place when Military along with Rakhine extremist started blazing the Rohingya houses at 09:00 PM, leaving Rohingyas in haphazard condition of either saving their lives or extinguish the fire.
  71. On 4th October 2017, Military along with Border Guard Police (BGP), burned down the villages in quarter 4 of Buthidaung Township at 2:30 PM, evacuating the Rohingyas from their homeland.Following similar incidences earlier, nearly 1000s of Rohingyas from Buthidaung Township have been evacuated from their villages, whom took refuge in the Donghali village, Maungdaw near open shore. Long journey via walking lead their health conditions in critical and massively needs humanitarian aid.
  72. Rakhine extremists (Moghs) in collaboration with Border Guard Police (BGP) and Military torched the entire market in Alichaung area of Buthidaung Township, and razed the shops to ashes on 7th October 2017. They arrived suddenly at 11:40 PM in Alichaung market in Buthidaung and immediately started burning the entire market since 12:00 AM.
  73. At 08:00 PM of 6th September 2017, Myanmar Border Guard Police (BGP) set fire on at least 18 Rohingya shops in Dargwafara (KyaukHlayKhar) village in Northern Maungdaw and left the few remaining Rohingyas in extreme dilemma.
  74. On 29th September, 2017 a fleeing pregnant Rohingya woman gave birth in her journey of unknown fate and died immediately after giving birth due to the lack of medical care.
  75. On October 8, 2017, at around 8 am, Rakhine and Hindu extremists have torched the remaining homes in Kyun Pauk Pyu Su village tract including Furan Fara, Boittela Fara, Deil Fara and Harizzura hamlets.
  76. Burmese regime vandalized a Madarasa (Religious school), after blazing an area of Kuansibong, Maungdaw for almost 24 hours on 7th October, 2017. Military arrived at the village of Kuansibong in the evening and started to blaze the Lappuya area of Kuansibong, where Rohingya houses were burning till the next morning (8th October, 2017). The massive fire for almost 24 hours torched the houses to ashes and displaced hundreds of Rohingya families in the region.
  77. A Rohingya boat carrying more than 100 of Rohingya capsizes off on the shore Naff River killing 12 Rohingya on 8th September, 2017. The boat was carrying 100 Rohingyas fleeing the recent military operations, where capsizing left several people missing in the incident. Bodies of 10 children, a woman and a man have been recovered, where more than 80 are missing.
  78. Rakhine Extremists set fire in ward 5 of Maungdaw and Zobborfara (Thera) of Buthidaung townships on 9th October, 2017. Extremists Rakhines (moghs) and Hindus arrived at 7:25 PM in the ward 5 of Maungdaw and burnt 2 Rohingya houses in the area.
  79. In Buthidaung Township in the village of Zobborfara (thera) the house of Rohingya named to be Bashir karim S/O Abdul Malek was torched by 3 extremists Rakhines (Moghs) at 12:35 PM on 9th October, 2017. Later fire was extinguished by local Rohingyas nearby at 1:30 pm.
  80. Border Guard Police (BGP) and Military from the camp of Naisadong arrived in the halhasarfara of Tami area in Buthidaung on 9th October, 2017 and set fire to the remaining Rohingya houses.
  81. A guiltless Rohingya man named to be Sirajul Mustafa hailing from RazarBhidh village of Buthidaung townships, whose vehicle was also looted earlier by the same authorities consisting of Border guard police (BGP), Military, Police and Leuin thein was arrested on 8th October, 2017 and is believed to be killed by the authorities.
  82. On 9th October 2017, authorities arrived at RazarBhidh village of Buthidaung township and started to hunt other 8 -10 innocent Rohingya men
  83. Military Brutalities and threat of Rakhine extremists (Moghs) are also forcing the remaining Rohingya families of Zey Di Taung Village of Buthidaung Township to join the ongoing exodus. The village consisted on 120 families earlier, where now hardly 40 families are living in extreme threats and inhuman situations.
  84. Border Guard police (BGP) and Military along with Rahkine extremists (Moghs) burned the remaining houses in Kinisi village of Naraingchaing, Buthidaung Township on 10th October. Rakhine extremists along with Military and Border Guard police (BGP) arrived at 6:40 PM set fire on the southern side of Kinisi village of Naraingchaing, Buthidaung Township. And the massive fire have burnt the houses completely making 100s of families internally displaced.
  85. Burmese Authorities distributed few rations to Rohingya families in Sindong villag of Buthidaung Township mocking the starvation of remaining Rohingyas on 9th October, 2017. The rations included 5 kg of Rice, 3 onions, approximately 100 milliliter of oil and 200 grams of dry fish for a family of 13 members. The ration was distributed to 11 families, where helicopters patrolled over the region for more than an hour.
  86. Military while patrolling in Kuaindong village of Buthidaung started torturing Rohingya civillians severely, where they even stepped & injured Rohingya children inhumanely, leading to heavy bleeding on 11th October, 2017. At afternoon a group of Military arrived in the village of kuaindong village of Buthidaung and tortured Rohingyas physically. Later they used their boots to step on Rohingya children and injured many and left them bleeding critically.
  87. A boat capsizes off at the Naff River and drowned 9 Rohingya at 7 pm on 10th October, 2017, while travelling back to Maungdaw Township from the makeshift camps of Bangladesh.
  88. Border Guard Police (BGP) shot a Rohingya man named to be Abdu Salaam S/O Dil Muhammed (36) to death in Kuwarbil (Yay Daung) village of Maungdaw on 12th October, 2017. Later his dead body was recovered from the scene and was handed over to his family by the local Rohingyas.
  89. On 12th October, 2017 Burmese Military started to threaten Rohingyas in the market areas of Buthidaung Township and even in every junctions to leave for Bangladesh. Military patrolled heavy over the market areas and started to investigate any common Rohingyas and shop keepers and harassed them brutally. They also tortured pedestrian Rohingyas physically in the markets and Junctions of Buthidaung. Following that they falsely accused 2 Rohingyas and extorted 500, 000 Kyats from them. The victims are identified to be: Nur Hussain and Salim, hailing from Zobborfara of Buthidaung Township.
  90. Burmese Military and Border Guard police (BGP) along with Rakhine Extremists (Moghs) Killed 2 Rohingyas and torched 2 Rohingya houses in Dapaing Sara village, quarter 8 of Buthidaung Township on 12th October, 2017. Victims are identified to be Hasan and his son.
  91. On 11th October, 2017 a Rohingya man identified to be Abdul amin was tortured inhumanely by Military at Lay Kyar Nyo Pyin village, Myo village track of Buthidaung and was in need of immediate medical assistance.
  92. On 12th October, 2017, around 11 AM Burmese Govt arrived in the ‘Gona’ hamlet of Shujah village in Northern Maungdaw and forced National Verification Card (NVC) to the pedestrian Rohingyas in the village and threaten them to maximum.
  93. Burmese military arbitrarily arrested 8 Rohingya Youth and students from the Village of Chalifarang (Myawtaung) villages of northern Maungdaw on 13th October, 2017. The victims are identified to be: Anwar S/o Sayed Basher (23), Salimullah S/o Shukkur (17), Jani Alam S/o Dil muhammed (16) – Student of 9th grade, Farok S/o Kamal (15) – Student of 8th grade, Shamsul Alam S/O hussain Ahmed (18), Shabul Karim S/O Shamshu (18), Shobu Alam S/O Abdu Salam (18), Saifuddin S/O Shamshu (18).
  94. On 14th October, 2017 a joint group of military and BGP since early morning arrived in Dar Paingsara of Northern Buthidaung Township and conducted Illegal check in their sudden raids. The group consisted of 100 Military and BGP officials, where they threatened and abused the remaining Rohingyas in their raiding hours that lasted from 10 AM to 01 PM.
  95. Burmese authorities killed a Rohingya and injured 2 other and abandoned them in the Mediafara village of Kuansibong village track of Tongbru sub-township on 14th October, 2017.
  96. Rohingya villagers from Medifara village of Kuansibong village track of Tongbru sub-township found and rescued abandoned 3 Rohingys, where 1 was dead and other 2 was critically injured. The victim were identified and they hails from the village of Kyang Maung village
  97. Burmese Military shot 2 Rohingya in Medi village of Tongbru sub-township, leaving one critically injured on 15th October, 2017. 2 Rohingya youths who fled the recent Military atrocities along with their family were sheltering in the make shift Baluhali camp in the Cox’s Bazar district of Bangladesh. Due to the harsh living condition and lack of humanitarian aid, they decided to go back to their home in Arakan and bring some immediate household needs from the Kyanug Maung Village of Maungdaw Township.
  98. A boat capsizes off the Naff River and took lives of 12 Rohingya and left 20 missing, while fleeing Military atrocities on 16th October, 2017. 12 bodies have been recovered, including four children and a man, rest were women.
  99. On 10th October, 2017, killing 9 Rohingya. This incidence increased the death toll of Rohingya boat capsizing incidence and reached up to 115 now, according to our achieve.
  100. On 16 October 2017, since early morning thousands of Rohingya people are seen to be leaving towards Bangladesh. Thousands are seen in uncountable long queue in the border area between Burma and Bangladesh. According to our local sources most of the Rohingyas were hailing from Rathedaung and Buthidaung Townships, whom could not resist to the military’s daily killings, harassment, rape and other atrocities and decided to take this journey of unknown fate.
  101. On 15th October, 2017 dangerous journey towards Bangladesh took life of a Rohingya boy, who died due to lack of food and medicine in the hilly areas, while he was waiting with his family to cross over to Bangladesh.
  102. Border Guard Police (BGP) and Immigration department stationed in Alleyrewa, Shudafara (Sheweza) village of Maungdaw and forced 2 Rohingyas to take National Verification Card (NVC) at gunpoint on 16th October, 2017. Victim were identified to be: Asmot Ullah S/O Muhammed Hussain (28) and Hafez Ahmed.
  103. Border Guard Police (BGP), along with Rakhine extremists, Murung and Chakma from the village of Aung Ziya blazed some Rohingya Houses and World Food program (WFP)’s depository in Chumbong and Atthey Chaungdaung hamlets on 17th October, 2017. Border Guard Police (BGP), along with Rakhine extremists, Murung and Chakma from the village of Aung Ziya initially blazed 10 Rohingya’s houses in Chaukseyro village of Kyumeauk hamlet of Taungbazar and later burned the WFP’s depository and 5 Rohingya houses in Kunkharafara (Alleyrewa) village, Atthey Chaungdaung hamlet of Buthidaung Township.
  104. On 18th October, 2017 a Rohingya was found dead in the Changirifara of Minbya Township. The victim was found in the area of Border Guard police (BGP) camp, where he was working since 6-7 years.
  105. Burmese Regime burnt Rohingya houses in Lawadong village at 1:10 pm and the trapped villagers of Buthidaung in the Border area of Maungdaw are lingering on the islands with heavy sea waves and harsh humanitarian situations on 19th October, 2017.
  106. On 18th October, 2017 Rakhine extremists destructed and looted the Mosque and religious school (Madarasa) in the village of Zanghama, Yaung Chaung of Buthidaung. There they destructed both religious structures completely and looted all the goods including the fences. Hardly 25 families are living in the village now and other families were driven out by the atrocities and threats from the government authorities and Rakhine Extremists (Moghs).
  107. In the midnight on 19th October, 2017, trapped villagers of Buthidaung Township, sheltering in the islands of Godusara village of Maungdaw was driven under the water by heavy waves from the sea. Heavy waves from the sea have engulfed the whole island into sea and the sheltering Rohingyas in this island are in immediate need of recuse operation and humanitarian aid. They have been trapped there since early October and are waiting to cross towards Bangladesh.
  108. Burmese Authorities arbitrarily arrested 3 religious teacher in Minbya Township and Military arrested another Rohingya fisherman in Maungdaw Township on 19th October, 2017. Victims are identified to be: Fazel S/O Nur Fazel (28), Mahabui S/O Mahadadolot (23) and Abdu hakim S/O Abdu hommbol (23).
  109. On 19th October, 2017 in Burashiddafara (Oo kya kar) Village of Maungdaw Township, military from 551 battalion arrived in the village and arrested a fisherman named to Huhammed Hashim S/O Halussha. According to locals he was a local fisherman and earns his livelihood through fishing. Later he was taken to the Military camp was tortured inhumanely leading to heavy injuries and was heard to be imprisoned soon.
  110. Burning Rohingya villages and equipped Moghs (Rakhine) with swords and weapons were witnessed by International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)’s delegates, while they were visiting the affected villagers on 20th October, 2017 in northern Buthidaung.
  111. On 20th October, 2017 at 7 pm Rakhine extremists (Moghs) blazed 2 Rohingya houses in Nayafara village of Lawadong village track, Buthidaung Township and the fire was burning massively for an hour and destructed the houses completely. Owners of the Houses were identified as: Muhammed Taher and Muhammed Hussain.
  112. Rakhine Extremists along with Burmese military looted Rohingyas’ remaining cattle’s like cows, buffaloes, etc from the villages of Southern Buthidaung and started illegal business. Military commander along with 4 other soldiers on 21st October, 2017 from the camp no. 353 arrived in the Sar Kaing village of Chaungdong village track, Taungbazar, Buthidaung Township and looted 2 valuable Buffaloes of a Rohingya named to be Amir Bashir and sold to the Rakhines (Moghs) with 500,000 Kyats.
  113. At 8:00 am on 20th October, 2017, where Rakhine extremists (Moghs) looted 8 cows from the Sin they Byin village of Sangodaung village track of southern Buthidaung. The owner of the cattle is identified to Salah Ahmed S/O Motu, (65).
  114. On 23d October, 2017, Maungdaw local authorities are fabricating false pretexts to demolish remaining Rohingya homes in the areas immediately surrounding the downtown, who are conducting a field survey of housed located in southern quarter of Myoma and have listed 45 houses in Bo Hmuu village accusing that they were constructed on farmlands.
  115. On 24th October, 2017 Burmese Authorities Forcefully took Signatures and fake footage from Rohingyas in Maungdaw and Buthidaung Township, to hide their crime committed on the Rohingyas civilians in the recent military operations that started since 25th August, 2017.
  116. On 24th October, 2017 Burmese military’s forceful displacement took live a baby girl who drowned and died, while attempting to drink water from a river in Zaidaung village of Maungdaw. There more than a thousands of Rohingyas families are in trapped situation, lingering with all humanitarian needs waiting to cross towards Bangladesh.
  117. Burmese security forces have conducted interview illegally on Rohingyas by forcefully taking in their camp in Tangana village track of Taungabazar, Buthdaung Township. And Rakhine extremist (Mohgs) abused Rogingyas in aid distribution conducted by International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Burashiddafar (Oo Kya kar) village of northern Maungdaw on 25th October, 2017.
  118. Remaining Rohingyas are confined from harvesting their crops and enforced to take National Verification Card (NVC), resulting in the evacuation of remaining villages in Magungdaw and Buthidaung Township on 24th October, 2017. Different authorities have restricted Rohingya in harvesting their own crops and tried imposing National Verification Card (NVC) in several villages of Maungdaw and Buthidaung Townships.
  119. A retired head master of a primary school went to receive his pension in Fuimali Village of Buthidaung Township on 24th October, 2017, there he was denied from his payment by the Authorities and demanded National Verification Card (NVC).
  120. Military and Rakhine Extremist Burnt a Rohingya’s home who was earlier killed by military along with another neighboring house in Fundufaranag (Pang do prang) village track of  Buthidaung on 25th October, 2017. The owner of house named to be Maulvi Mujib was earlier killed by military in early September. The blazing fire burnt another Rohingya house nearby and burnt heavily for more than 3 hours.
  121. Rakhine Extremists (Moghs) attacked two innocent Rohingyas at midnight in the village track of Ferullah (Pha R a La) of Buthidaung Township, leaving them critically injured on 27th October, 2017. At 12:50 AM Rakhines started attacking with swords and arrows on the sleeping Rohingyas And left them critically injured.
  122. Since early morning of 27th October, 2017 a group of police along with sectarian officer from the police quarter from (Nga Ku ra) Nappura village arrived in the Burashiddafara (Oo Kya Kar) village of Northern Maungdaw and arrested 3 innocent youths by accusing falsely. Their families are in extremely terrified situation, as the most of the fate of the arrestees result them to be killed brutally.

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