16 Nov
  • By CRDI

CRDI Award to the Premier

Canadian Rohingya Development Initiative (CRDI) team had a meeting with Kathleen Wynne, the Premier of Ontario at her office, in the Legislative Building, Queens Park, Toronto at about 10: 30 am today.

First, Premier took them all to question and answer session of the Ontario Legislature and introduce each of them to  all MPPs. The were warmly welcomed by all MPPs and others members of the Legislature.

Micheal Lublin presents award to Premier

After the session at about 12: 00 pm, they were welcomed to Premier’s office. The team discussed some issues with the Premier including students issue.

Then, on behalf of CRDI, Micheal Lublin presented a courage award to the Premier for her unconditional, dedicated and loyal support for the Rohingya people in Canada and abroad. He also thanked her for compassion, love and making difference in the lives of so many.

The CRDI team Thanked Micheal Lublin for being always support toward Rohingya community.


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