18 Jul
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CRDI speaks at the United Nations

Saifullah Muhammad (L) from CRDI with Mr. Castro Wesamba, the chief of office on Genocide Prevention and Responsibility to Protect at the UN

July 15, 2019: New York City – It was our honoured to speak at the United Nations today on behalf of the Rohingya and how the world fails them and why. On behalf of Canadian Rohingya Development Initiative (CRDI), Saifullah Muhammad, one of the co-founders of the organization took part and he particularly highlighted engaging and empowering young people.

The highlight of speech at the #HLPF2019 was…

“I am reminded of my good fortune each time I speak to my friends in Bangladesh, who are still in the camps where I was raised. The camps have been around so long that some have been born and raised there and fear they will die there. Maybe they will. They are a lost generation, robbed of their potential, their homeland, and their chance at a happy life.

“Those brothers and sisters need a chance to show their talent to be able to discover and reach their full potential to enhance their abilities.

“I come from Canada, from Kitchener-Waterloo, a mid-sized town in southern Ontario that is home to a surprisingly large and robust Rohingya community. The first generation of this community are learning English and finding jobs and enjoying the dividends of a peaceful and stable country. Their children are doing even better, going to university, finding their first professional jobs. They are succeeding. But we never forget our brothers and sister who need our effective voice.

“What we are trying to achieve will not happen overnight but will require hard work, commitment and perseverance. We look to the Rohingya genocide victims, particularly the youth, as our role models. They show resilience and courage in the face of this devastating situation. We owe them the possibility to make a vibrant community. The youth who are studying in Canada, US, Europe, Australia, Malaysia and other countries have good leadership skills, they can be leaders of the Rohingya community. Not just in their host countries, but around the world.

“We still hope for the better. So, let’s work to change all that. That’s why we’re here today, at the United Nations and in one of the world’s greatest cities, bringing our talent and advantages to a common cause. To find a solution together. Hope you will not let us fail again.”


Muhammad also attended and spoke in several events. One of the main events was on ‘Mass Atrocities’ sponsored by Belgium at the United Nation on July 10, 2019. Mr. Castro Wesamba, the cheif of office on Genocide Prevention and Responsibility to Protect at the UN was so straightforward to call Rohingya must get justice and perpetrators must be punished. He reminded all “A failure is a failure.”

The panel was attended by the government of Bangladesh, Belgium, many experts from different countries and NGOs.

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