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Our Poems

By Saifullah Muhammad,

I am a refugee, I love Arakan like my heart,

Rohingya name got entirely mixed with my blood

All the difficulties today in Arakan we face

I know for being from Burma and from the Rohingya race

I am told I have no country now

Please tell me where will I go and how,

I am asked “where are you from?”

My reply is “it’s Burma” with a political storm

See, noobody wants us in Asia

It is so difficult to be in Malaysia,

We have no place to stay, nowhere to go

Advise me, being Rohingya what should I do,

Our children are deprived of education

Refugees are always in fear of deportation,

In the jungle we hide,

Here we cannot sleep at night

I know, I know, we have to work with our head and be brave

Or our destination is the boat people’s watery grave

I am a helpless refugee, before I say you all goodbye

I swear to God, listen to me, my poem is not lie!


Puthi poem: Who is taking over Arakan? (Draft)

By Abid Bahar


“We are the people of Arakan” says

A Rohingya historian

Buddhist narrative says “ We are the “virus” in action

We are from Arakan” says

A Rohingya historian

Rakhine Mogh says “We are taking over their land and their vision”

We are from Arakan” says

A Rohingya historian

Rohingya’s origin is in the ancient indigenous Chandra nation

Rohingya origin in Chandra- Arab synthesis from 7th century began

Arakan was a Hindu kingdom until the 11th century like the Shan nation

Rakhine Mogh says We are taking over Arakan?

 Mass migration of Moghs during the 11th century from mainland Burma began

Pushed the Chandra Arabs (Hindu-Muslims) toward northern Akakan

Who is taking over our Rohingya land?

 The land divided: Southern Arakan for Mogh Buddhists

North for Hindus and Muslims, the land was not shared by friends

Who is taking over Arakan?

Theravada Buddhists ruled the nation with knife and fist

Chakma, Tanchingya, Kuki, Rohingya disappeared from Southern Arakan just like the mist

Who is taking over Arakan?

Buddhist continued to push the Rohingya from the south

toward the north through destruction

Buddhist narrative says, “Rohingyas are taking over Arakan”

In the medieval period, Wali Khan and Sindhi Khan came to help Noromi Kla save Arakan

Rohingya people are the decendents of Wali Khan and Sindhi Khan

“Who is taking over Arakan?’ says the historian.

Who is destroying our mosques, schools, renaming our places turning into a Rakhine nation?

It is the Buddhist monks and the holighan

“Who is taking over Arakan?’ says the historian.

Who is causing the Rohingya extermination?

Mogh narrative says “ Rohingya are the foreign settlers in northern Arakan.”

In maungdaw, Buthedaung, Akyab and Mro haung

But the name “Rohang” originated from Mrohaung, says the historian

Akyab from Persian ak ab (one river, like Punjab), Arakan from Rokon,

We are the people of maungdaw, Buthedaung, Akyab and Mro haung

Moghs slaughtered the Moghul prince Shah Suja and his family

Mogh’s slaugher, piracy and terror is in their native culture.

In 1666, Shaistha Khan removed them from lower Bengal in a historic adventure

 We have been in Arakan before Burma occupied it in 1774

Francis Buchanon met Rohingya of Arakan even before.

But Burmese genocide led many Rohingya and Mogh take shelter in the Chittagong ‘s Cox’s Bazar sea shore

We the Rohingya are people of the land

We were happy people before 1982 and acted like a band.

We had ministers in the Aung San’s cabinet, and after, we had MPs. We are the people of the land

 Our people were removed from jobs, businesses. Do you know the man, demon who?

It was General Ne Win who came to power through a coup

We were the citizens of the country until 1982

 From Ne Win’s infactious barbarian hate

His army began to rape our women, kill our children in 1978

it evicted 200 000 Rohingya killing by marchettes and bate

 We were 3 million in 1977. We are from Chandra, Arab, and from Shindhi Khan gong

Still they claim we are illegal immigrants from Chittagong

We were reduced to 2 million in 1993, We are now reduced to only 800,000, strong

Mogh intellectuals call us “viruses to be exterminated” from Arakan

Aye Chan and Aye Mong, the ideologues working hard as if Ivan

the terrible of the Nazi German

Aye Chan spreads the anti Rohingya venom

among the Rakhine Mogh villager non literate men and women

Even the xenophobe Suu Kyi doesn’t want to use our name “Rohingya” which as the democracy leader she can

The Rohingya historian says “Who is taking over Arakan?

Isn’t it the xenophobe Mogh and Burman?

She dropped our MPs from her parliament of Burman, Kachine and Shan

The truth is we are the Rohingya people of Arakan,

We are in the process of a genocidal extermination.

To save the Rohingya, we need none but the UN’s protection

(Abid Bahar is a playwright and a public speaker, now teaches in Canada)

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