Basic Human Needs – Priority*

Starting 19 Jul 2019 - Closing 31 Dec 2020
More than a MILLION Rohingya refugees now live in Bangladesh in critical condition after the recent crackdown against them in Myanmar.  Many Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh have witnessed atrocities in Myanmar no one should ever see, most of them are traumatized and all have suffered tremendous loss.
During our visits to the various camps in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh over two weeks, we saw and spoke many of the children without any guardian. During our last of tour visit on 18 Oct., some children ask for a place to call home and we felt emotional and shocked. Feeling that as a world, we have abandoned the ones in need of.
Many of these children are mentally disturbed. Besides food and shelter, they need mantel health care.

Every human being needs a better future. As Rohingya, we know a little more who are more vulnerable and who need immediate help.