Medical Support

Starting 21 Jan 2020 - Closing 31 Dec 2020

In the squalid, overcrowded camps, where refugees struggle to access food and water, and people continue to arrive need medical attention.

Children are resilient but also vulnerable without proper support.¬† They’ve witnessed a lot of horrible things. They’ve seen people killed, they’ve seen their mothers raped, they have missing relatives. Children shot in the back while running away.

We provide health-care for the Rohingya refugee in Bangladesh as much as we can. We are also trying to help those, who suffer from unavoidable diseases and particularly the pregnant women who mostly suffer from their delivery and after.

Most of the new arrival refugees are affected by different kinds of disease particularly children.

CRDI plans to establish some Primary Health-care Centers in some affected Rohingya areas with the help of our generous donors to provide quality first-hand Health-Care facilities to the ailing patients with qualified doctors, subsidized medicines and basic health infrastructure.