04 Nov
  • By CRDI

Meeting with Ontario Premier

Rohingya community had a wonderful meeting with Kathleen Wynne, the Premier of Ontario. She listened stories of Rohingya and felt so emotional. She felt her opinion through her Facebook status and Twitter account.


“Today one of the bravest young men I’ve ever met told me heartbreaking stories. He had traveled from his home in Kitchener to Myanmar to bring back news about the persecution faced by the Rohingya community. He risked his life to speak with them and see their persecution first hand. What he saw and what he described is unimaginable. The treatment of the Rohingya in Myanmar is inhuman and wrong. That people could be that cruel to one another is something we’re so privileged not to experience here in Ontario. But, there are elements of intolerance in our society as well. It’s important that we hear these stories as we continue to build on our shared values of diversity and acceptance”, Premier mentioned her feeling over her Facebook status.

Premier pledged 1million dollar for the Rohingya later that day.

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