05 Mar
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“What is Justice”

By Gregory Stanton

What is justice to a woman who’s children were slaughtered just before she was raped?
What is justice to a bride who’s last caress was the last she will ever know?
What is justice to a woman who will never trust a man again?
What is justice to an orphan in a refugee camp?
What is justice to lawyers who still won’t call it Genocide?
Justice is the spirit of the law.
Without justice, law is dead, like an empty skull.
Without justice, there can be no reconciliation.
Without justice, love cannot re-weave the social fabric.
Without justice, hope dies.
Without justice death conquers life.
Justice establishes the truth.
Justice restores dignity to the victim.
Justice recognizes a widow’s grief.
Justice is digging up the bones and giving them proper burial.
Justice is telling the stories of suffering to someone who really listens.
Justice is confession that your country was responsible.
Justice is always having to say you’re sorry.
Justice is the struggle to understand why people do such evil.
Justice affirms that the rule of law is stronger than rule by force.
Justice says murderers cannot get away with Genocide.
Justice is the antidote to abandonment.
Justice is reconnection with the human race.
Justice restores social order and rebalances the moral universe.
Justice is God’s force socially expressed.
Love is God’s force personally expressed.
With justice and love hope may return.
And hope is the assurance that life will triumph over death.”

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