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World Refugee Day 2020

CRDI brings attention to the Rohingya cause on World Refugee Day 2020
Every Action Counts

(Toronto, Canada, June 20, 2020) – Today, we commemorate the strength, courage, perseverance and spirit of the millions of refugees around the world. We acknowledge all those who have been forced to flee their homes because of persecution, war, and violence.

According to the UNHCR annual Global Trends 2019 report, nearly 80 million women, children and men around the world have been forced to flee from their homes as refugees or internally displaced people, with 40% being children. More shockingly, 10 million of these people fled in the past year alone.

Ahead of refugee day 2020, UN High Commissioner Mr. Filippo Grandi addressed the UN Security Council with a strong message “ We see the consequences of so much hypocrisy and indifference, which plays out, unfortunately, tragically, in the lives of those that are uprooted and traumatized”. He added, addressing the Chairman “ We expect from you, the world expects from you, unity, at least where humanity is most wounded and trampled, we expect from you, the world expects from you, decisive, clear, and unanimous messages to end the conflict and pursue avenues for peace.

Earlier today, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued a statement on World Refugee Day standing in solidarity with the refugees and forcibly displaced people. He also emphasized to help resolve the humanitarian and security crisis in Myanmar and continue addressing humanitarian assistance around the globe.

Canadian Rohingya Development Initiative (CRDI) is dedicated to harnessing its resources to support the most persecuted Rohingya refugees. By now, it is well known that Rohingya people make up one of the largest stateless refugee populations in the world. Although most Rohingya refugees are in Bangladesh, they also make up large refugee communities in many other countries of the world. We are not proud to share the above statement because it is heartbreaking, frustrating and disappointing knowing that the situation has worsened.

Yet the situations in the camps are dire. A million Rohingya refugees now live in Bangladesh refugee camps, but they know nothing but rejection and violence from the outside world. In the camps, there is a lack of education and opportunities. Women and girls are victims of human trafficking and live in fear of rape.

CRDI calls on countries and the international community to support Rohingyas
CRDI calls on Malaysian authorities, Bangladesh and all concerned parties to stop putting their head in the sand and take a strong stand on solidarity, protection and human dignity of the Rohingya refugees in their respective countries, with the message:

“We Rohingya appreciate you for hosting us and helping us to return to our country.”
CRDI has three asks:

– The youth in the camps, who are endowed with skills and knowledge, are left with an uncertain future ahead. Those refugee youth need proper intervention, support and guidance before they miss out on years of education before poverty leads to criminal activity and will further destabilize the region.

– Bangladesh should allow the resettlement of the Rohingya refugees under the procedure of the UNHCR and its external partners.

– The international community should continue their consistent funding and support Bangladesh for the remaining refugees in order to implement short-term planning such as building safe housing, improve healthcare, work, and most importantly supporting refugee-hosting communities.

CRDI calls on the global community to ensure that the UN and UNHCR are accountable to their mandate. Without political pressure, political will has no chance of materializing. We must keep vigilant and use every opportunity to bring attention to this cause.

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