25 Oct
  • By CRDI

We Empower Youths

Youth & Sports:

Engage in humanitarian service; You can make a difference.

Having a main role as future assets of society, youth hold a crucial key in bringing forward-development of all nations around the world. Realizing significance of youth as role-players, we have been paying extra attention on all sensitive matters which involve youth and their future development.

We are a group of Rohingya youth across Canada, registered this organization with a noble initiative to empower our younger generation by providing them all possibleĀ  youth facilities as the can overcome all kinds of challenges and can take leadership roles and develop the essential skills to be community leaders in the future.

We organize various kinds of youth programs such as sports, soccer tournaments, vocational training, summer camps, annual picnic and other enthusiastic programs.

CRDI arranges soccer tournaments in Canada for Canadian youth regardless of whoever they are. CRDI also arranges football and other games for the Rohingya refugee youths in Malaysia, India and Bangladesh.

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